Sexy games and credit cards

How to play premium sexy games without paying full price

Sexy games will get even sexier

When a credit card is involved , it’s better to be prepared

If you don’t like to read fine prints , read this little article

Verify and go

Most adult gaming websites will give you full access for a couple days .

You just need to enter a valid credit card details .

It’s a very popular approach today .

And then you decide if you want to pay a monthly subscription fee or check another site .

So basically you can repeat the process on multiple sites and explore tons of games plus other types of content .

And yes , you absolutely can safely exploit this opportunity on various sites but there are a few things to know beforehand .

Considering how payment providers sometimes may behave when it comes to trial access all you need to do is take a couple precautionary measures to avoid unnecessary headache .

Important details :

Credit card verification means the card will be charged a small amount .

Some people say they weren’t charged anything during verification but most likely you will have to spend about between $1 to $3 .

Also, the thing with (some) payment processors ( not just in porn industry ) is that sometimes , they MAY try to charge you a FULL subscription price right away.

If the full amount isn’t available they will try to charge a small amount for a trial access .

And this is what you should expect .

It isn’t going to be completely FREE as they advertise it . You may not need to pay for the trial access but payment processor is going to take a small amount to authorize card .

Be prepared to part with a couple bucks , give or take .

This is just the way things are for the time being .

It’s far from ideal to say the least but the solution is pretty simple .

Use your card risk-free

All you need to do essentially is prevent charging amounts higher than you are comfortable with . That’s it .

That’s why it’s recommended to use a dedicated card loaded with only a few dollars .

You may also set low online transaction limits .

Well , it’s that simple .

Now it’s entirely up to you to choose if you’re okay with “losing” a dollar for entertainment .

If the answer is “Yes” , you may start with one of the best collections on the market right now . All possible genres !

Hentai , Foot Fetish , Futanari , BDSM and much more … pick whatever you like .

Play more sexy games

And of course there are other games and collections you need to check out .

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